14, April 2016

1byone SuperSpeed Aluminum USB 3.0 4-Port Hub

The following review is featured on Pocketables the Device was won as a contest there. Physical overview Visually this hub has a basic design with a few unique twists we have a cylindrical aluminum body and a section intended for a velcro strip although this is narrower than i’ve seen on other hubs it’s enoughRead More …

13, April 2016

Uptime Robot

One of the most important measurements of any online service is it’s uptime or availability, to that extent we’ll be taking a look at uptime robot a deceptively simple service with an excellent pricing structure. Originally I had reviewed uptime robot back in June 2015 and my opinion of the service has only improved sinceRead More …


1, February 2016

The new Data backup procedures

Post Failure there have been several renovations to my virtual infrastructure, As a home lab it’s currently cost prohibitive for me to invest in multiple redundant nodes however that does not mean that a robust backup plan is infeasible as such one that I’d be comfortable with in a small business scale has been putRead More …

28, January 2016

What happened

A few months ago, well last year actually this blog went offline, to understand why you need to understand a little about the architecture behind my site. Unlike systems I’d deploy in an enterprise environment due to budget(this entire site is run out of pocket) there is far less redundancy currently in place than i’dRead More …

24, January 2016

We’re Back

We are back! and we’ve learned a few things about hosting your own website and on vm backups over the next few blog posts i plan to go over some of our new features in that regard. In the meantime as a quick refresher I am Daniel Smith and this is a technology blog selfRead More …

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